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Safe summer food

Summer is the perfect chance to enjoy picnics and barbecues with family and friends, so we have put together some advice to help ensure you don’t become unwell when enjoying eating outdoors. The key actions to remember this summer fit into four easy-to-remember categories.

  1. Do not defrost foods at room temperature. Ideally food should be defrosted fully in the fridge or if this is not possible, using a microwave on the defrost setting directly before cooking.
  2. Cool cooked foods quickly at room temperature and then place in the fridge within one to two hours.
  3. Store raw foods separately from ready-to-eat foods, covered on the bottom shelf of your fridge.
  4. Keep chilled food out of the fridge for the shortest time possible during preparation.
  5. Any food with a ‘use by’ date, cooked dishes, salads and desserts all need to be kept chilled and out of the sun until serving time.
  6. At barbecues and picnics, cold perishable food should be kept in the fridge or a cool box until serving time.
  7. Check regularly that your fridge is cold enough – the coldest part should be below 5°C.
  8. Don’t overfill your fridge. This allows air to circulate and maintains the set temperature.


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